My boat life

I’m currently sat in Orhanye on my boat looking out over mountains, coves and gullets, deciding between whether to jump in the pool, sunbath or nap…I am so lucky! Life is so much more peaceful out here, nothing to worry about compared to my usual worries in the uk , as well as a fantastic tan and amazing friends. Life is good! The heat is becoming pretty unbearable- 40 degrees is insanely hot and some days you have to continuously drench yourself in water to keep cool.

Free sail days in turkey are my favourite- we go to a little bay called Dirsek and meet up with two other lead boats on flotilla. The guy that runs the place is absolutely hilarious, laughs like a hyena and we always have an insane time there. Soapy dinghy wrestle matches, snorkelling, and most recently we took the dinghy out at night and swam in phospherance which was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! Absolutely beautiful and awesome. Hope I can do it much more! Then onto sogut for a massive chill out. So beautiful there!

Will write another update during Greece




Holla from turkey! Thought I’d try out the WordPress app so I can write updates whilst I’m away- I don’t think they’ll be many as I am working not travelling but HEY HO I BRING THE FUN TO ME. So I’m hosting on a 43ft yacht which is lovely. I chat to people, organise meals and love life 2k13. I got my burn on today stupidly, after being so good I freaked out about getting a Tshirt tan so I bikini’d it for a few hours and roasted. The water is so warm here, like a bath! And Turkish people are so friendly, I love them all and already have lots of Turkish friends! The taxi driver on my way from the airport was a bit too friendly mind…’are you my girlfriend?’ After ‘how old are you?’ Is not normal chat mate! After various advances I just said I had a boyfriend and lived in the sea. Mentalist! He gave me his Facebook to add though…if anyone fancies a Turkish boyfriend, he was alright looking! Haha. Anywayyy I’m in such a beautiful place. Turkey is really something! Off to Greece on Sunday for the second part of the flotilla, which is a shame as my Turkish is getting there slowly! Apparently Greek is much harder! Although maybe healthier food…Im going to start doing sit ups, yoga and swimming to burn off all the cheese and bread calories haha! Food is toooo good here. Quite expensive place but I don’t pay so s’all good!

More updates soon I’m sure! Gulle gulle! Xxxxxxxxxx

So long, farewell…

Well, this is it! I’ve been offered a job to work as a host on a yacht in Turkey! I am absolutely terrified and can’t believe I have less than a week to say my goodbyes, but hey it’s good news for anyone who reads this as my blogs might actually start to get interesting…woohoo!

So I guess this is blog #1 of my new adventure of my second gap year…summer season time!


I’ll miss you all lots and will write copious numbers of post cards and letters and do lots of skype chats on my BOAT. WHICH I LIVE ON. Better not get sea sick! Have a great summer everyone!


Houghy x